Covid 19 / Delivery information

At Pips Logistics, we have been actively monitoring the changing situation with Covid-19. Our top priority is, of course, the health and well-being of our team and customers whilst ensuring we continue to maintain our high level of service and support.

Update February 2022.

Following the recent Government announcements, we can confirm that we continue to offer our delivery and assembly service, following the guidelines detailed below.


In order for us to stay safe and keep our customer safe please read our delivery process below.

·         Is anyone in the household currently Self-Isolating because of the COVID-19 Virus?

·         Is anyone in the household currently suffering from any symptoms of Covid 19?

·         Is there any other reason that you have been told to Self-Isolate i.e. have you been advised to shield and therefore should not                    accept this delivery

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES we will defer booking a delivery and call back in approximately 14 days.

If a booking date is confirmed please be aware of our recommended safety measures for the day of delivery.


  • All doors along the route to the assembly destination, to be open to allow the assembly team to freely enter the premises having minimal touch points.

  • There are minimal members of the household present within the property during the assembly process.

  • Please open window/s in the room of the assembly to allow fresh airflow at all times whilst the team is present.

  • The team will give you notice before their arrival so you don’t have to have windows open for long periods.

  • Should you require masks to be worn by our team during contact with you please advise us, they will need to remove them to carry and install the furniture.

• Once you have shown and instructed the team where the location of the furniture is to be installed, we recommend you then leave the room where the delivery/assembly will be completed and remain out of the room (unless invited back in by team) 

On completion of the furniture assembly, one team member will invite you to inspect the furniture complete the delivery document and photograph the product. It would be advisable to have your own pen to sign off the documents. 

By accepting a delivery date, you the customer have agreed to follow the above guidelines, and have given permission for PIPS to carry out the installation in your home.  

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Stay safe.



1. Deliveries are Monday to Friday service during normal working hours. A dated appointment will be made in advance and you will be advised of a timeslot on the morning of delivery.

 2. Whilst making the appointment or ASAP after the appointment is agreed it is very important you advise us of the following:

  • We operate a varied fleet of vehicles up to 18t trucks, please advise us of any potential access issues such as narrow lanes, low bridges etc.

  • Non-standard access - do you live in a Flat or apartment, which is above second floor. Notify if there is access to a lift and is it large enough for the components of your furniture. Please advise if there is no lift available.

  • Parking - is there parking for the assembly team’s van for the duration of the assembly. Any permits required for parking are the customer’s responsibility and would need to be in place prior to their arrival. Please also advise us if there are any restricted hours of parking due to local schools etc.

  • Off-site parking - if parking available away from the property is there the ability to unload directly outside prior to parking elsewhere.

  • Appointments / School drop off / pick up - if on the day appointed you have commitments please advise us, we will do our best to accommodate the schedule for the day accordingly but this cannot be guaranteed so it is advisable to make arrangements for another family member, neighbour or friend over the age of 18 to be at the property to accept your delivery if you are not present or have an appointment.

 3. Should you need to reschedule a confirmed appointment for any reason this must be done directly with us by calling 01535872278 a minimum 48 hours prior to the day of delivery. Failure for the assembly to go ahead on the pre appointed date may result in the retailer passing on charges incurred.

5. Once the dated appointment has been made, we will make contact with you on the morning of delivery to confirm an estimated time window for arrival at your property. This is only an estimate and cannot be guaranteed.  If you have been scheduled as first job of the day we may contact you the afternoon/evening before. We will do our best to keep you updated if the delivery team encounter delays, which lead them not to meet the window given.

 6. The assembly team will not enter the property unless there is a responsible adult present for the entire duration of their visit. The responsible person present must be able to instruct the assembly team of the exact placement of the furniture and any internal accessories purchased. Once assembled large wardrobes cannot be moved and if required may result in a return visit, which may result in your retailer passing on any charges incurred.

 7. Our installers are unable to remove footwear for Health and Safety reasons. They do however carry shoe protectors but will only use these if requested. It is your responsibility to protect any carpeting or flooring to avoid potential soiling/damage during the assembly. The team may ask you on the day if they feel an area requires covering before they commence.

 8. The room in which the furniture is to be assembled must be clear of existing furniture for the assembly teams, along with the access to the room being free of obstacles. Our delivery team will not remove any items of furniture from the room.  Be aware that spiral stairs or low ceiling heights can impede the delivery of larger components of the furniture, please consider this and advise us prior to delivery.

 9. Please allow clearance in the height and width in the area where the wardrobe will be sited, to allow connection of top panels, side panels and rails for wardrobes. Please refer to the manufacturers recommended guidelines for the product you have purchased for the exact measurements required as failure to have the correct clearance/space may result in a failed delivery charge.

 10. Your furniture is of freestanding nature and it is recommended that it be attached to the wall to enhance stability and sustainment of levelness. Unfortunately, our assembly teams are unable to perform this due to insurance reasons; however, they will leave the brackets and fixings for you.

 11. If you require flush assembly to a wall then we recommend the following is prepared prior to the arrival of the assembly team as our teams will be unable to assist with this. We cannot guarantee that by carrying out the below it will result in a flush assembly as other factors like uneven floors or walls may affect this.  

a. Removal of skirting board.

b. Removal of carpet gripper.

c. Other items which can impede assembly are as follows and will need you to prepare or remove prior to assembly i. Curtain poles ii. Windowsill’s iii. Light switches and plug sockets iv. Water / heating pipes. There may be other items not listed that can impede the assembly and it is your responsibility to ensure they are moved.

12. As the products are freestanding they can be assembled on top of flooring/carpet or prior to flooring/carpet being laid. We do not offer advice on which is best , this is your decision but fitting flooring/carpet after assembly may impede the moving parts at the bottom of the doors which will affect their smooth operation again we would recommend consulting with your retailer or the chosen manufactures guidelines on clearance required for flooring/carpet .

 12. The assembly team will assess the area where you require the furniture, prior to assembly. If they feel that there will be a need for an excessive amount of packers to be used to gain a level assembly, they will discuss this with you and ask you to sign to agree before the commencement of the assembly. Where the end consumer requires double hanging within a section of your wardrobe it is a mandatory requirement to fit on shelf above the lower hanging rail as part of the strength and structure of the wardrobe.

13. Products will only be assembled to manufacturer’s specification any alterations would be your responsibility and will invalidate your guarantee. Therefore, electrical sockets, which may be covered, will require an extension lead in place prior to assembly. Ensure the socket is switched on.

 14. If you have ordered LED lighting for the furniture please ensure they can be plugged in within the vicinity of the furniture.

 15. Once the assembly team have finished please ensure you are happy your products, the assembly and that the team have left your property clean and tidy and there is no damage to the product or your property .We cannot accept any claims for damage to your property once our assembly team have left the property .  Ensure you note any feedback on the documentation and sign to confirm your satisfaction. The assembly team will make note of any damage or defects (if any) and organise the replacement or rectification of these please ensure you agree with their findings. You will not receive a copy of the delivery paperwork but you are welcome to take a copy of the documents before our team depart.

16. Our assembly teams may take photographs of completed orders for our records and use with training. They may also photograph any service issues or damage that need to be attended to.

 17. Once the furniture has been assembled please do not attempt to move it without fully dismantling in line with the assembly instructions. Consult your retailer for advice, as we take no responsibility for damage caused in this process.

18. After care - When using the furniture please try to evenly load your wardrobe. I.e. try not to put all heavy clothing (coats/jackets) in one end and lighter (shirts/blouses etc.) in the other. This will have a significant effect on how the wardrobe settles on flooring and may result in door mis-alignment. Shelves and drawers should also not be overloaded please see your chosen furniture manufacturers specifications for individual product details.  We would not recommend using abrasive cleaners and would strongly advise you to follow your chosen manufacturers guidelines for cleaning your furniture.